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Project Flame (demo) Walkthrough

2010-05-31 10:57:31 by Snakex86

I found this video on youtube made by SirEldricIV (thanks dude!) he plays through the game and make funny comments and voice acting for ingame dialog! so if you got stuck at some point, or if you're lazy to play the game, you can just watch him playing.

oh and project flame reached 100,000+ I've never expected that!! that's just too awesome!! thank you newground :D

and if you want some news: we're currently changing the story a bit since we were accused of copying half-life, portal, dead space, so we tweaking the story so it would not sound like a copy which was a total coincidence! especially the ghost girl, we had no idea who's ORKO!! but I agree she looks like a female version of him!





thank you SirEldricIV check his other videos, he has other cool reviews for flash games. V

Continued working on "project flame"

2009-10-22 01:20:42 by Snakex86

We continued working on project flame, we changed the whole concept of the game from Action/puzzle to Adventure/puzzle , which means no action fights with monsters, instead, puzzle solving, killing monsters by using your head and lots and lots of puzzles!

More details to be announced soon